For when the lighting is just right to catch the intricacies of eyes, when natures beauty shines through unbridled or the moment when a happy soul bubbles over its boundaries into a breathtaking smile, I'm there to capture it all.

Engagement Sessions

a couple sitting together on a cliff overlooking the ocean the man is pointing at the horizon

Immortalizing Moments

Engagement on the Oregon Coast

Whether it be the untamed grasses of the gorgeous west coast, the stinging glory of sand dunes, and anything in between, I'll be keeping up and planning ahead to ensure that all of the details and connection is shown.

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a man and woman putting their hands together in a grassy field overlooking the ocean
a black and white focused on the grass in front of an image of a man and woman enjoying each others company
a man and woman embracing on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean
a man and woman holding hands and walking towards the horizon
a black and white image of a blurry man and woman
a joyful man and woman smiling at each other at the beach surrounded by green grass overlooking the ocean
a man and woman embracing on an grassy cliff overlooking the ocean
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a man leaning one arm against the wall looking at a woman and smiling with a lamp overhead
two hands reaching out to each other in front of a brick and bokeh background
a young man holding his fiancée and woman looking at him and smiling in front of a brick building
a young man and woman kissing and linking arms


Family Photos/Milestone Shoots

Keeping up with the Family

Indoors or outdoors

Hiking on the weekends, playing with paint, or spending time together playing board games on a rainy afternoon, I know that life with children can be fast-paced and dynamic. I'm here to meet you wherever your family is at and capture your uniquely unforgettable moments.

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“The family is one
of nature's masterpieces.”

– George Santayana
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Senior Photos


Discounts for Bucket List Locations

Elopement in the CO Paint Mines

I'll go wherever the lovebirds go! If your wedding or elopement is on my bucket list of places to shoot, you will receive 50% off of your wedding package and a complimentary engagement shoot. You can find my bucket list under my FAQ section:)

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Available for hire in the pacific northwest and beyond.