Being a creative is hard!

Being a photographer means trying to get those cool pictures, but let's be real, it's not always a smooth ride. It's like chasing the perfect shot during sunset – some days are awesome, while others feel like you're stuck in a creative slump. As I've learned, finding inspiration is like a rollercoaster – it has its ups and downs.

"To live is to learn"

Keep moving

In search of light

In photography, you don't always have a light bulb moment of inspiration. Sometimes, it feels like your camera is just a fancy paperweight. Creative blocks happen, and it's TOTALLY okay! Sometimes it is really disheartening to not have any ideas or motivation. But here's the secret -- every low point is a setup for a burst of creativity later on.

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What are some things we can do to jump-start our creative minds?

I am a photographer as well as a student, as well as a barista. My plate is so full that often times I don't have any time in the day to tend to my heart and my soul with things I love to do (I do LOVE photography, but I'm talking about other things) like creating terrariums, bingeing TV shows, and making and eating amazing meals. With a schedule so busy it feels impossible to find ways to incorporate ALL of the things, but here's some information that I've learned from my business classes and my own personal research inspired by said class.

Believe in your work and yourself

One big lesson I've picked up is that inspiration can hide in the everyday stuff. It's not always about finding the perfect spot or planning every detail. Sometimes, it's in the little things – the way the light hits a random street or the expressions on people's faces when they're just doing their thing. You've got to look at things differently to find the magic in the mundane.

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Here are a few things I have learned:

Mix it up a little!

When it comes to finding inspiration, having a routine is good, but so is being open to surprises. Having a plan helps you stay on track, but some of my best pics happened when I just went with the flow. Being spontaneous can lead to unexpected gems. I have found that being able to give yourself grace and flexibility when you need it is one of the most effective things you can do. If you force yourself into a certain topic that you're just not vibing with, let it sit for a while! Shift gears to something easier or more achievable. Don't burn yourself out.

Take a moment to have fun, play, or do a mental puzzle

There are a lot of games that we did in our class that is meant to break down walls and encourage creative thinking. One of these was to create a drawing from a random shape chosen by the teacher. This forced us all to work with what we had WHILE having fun.

Collaborate and get to know other people and creatives

Working with others is a game-changer too. Teaming up with fellow creatives brings in new ideas and takes your work to different levels. In a classroom this comes pretty easily, however, if you are outside of the classroom you will have to look beyond scholarly spots. Check local social media groups, reach out to neighbors, host a movie night, and in general, be an active party of your community. You will get what you give in this respect.

Be brave and be bold!

In photography, every click is an adventure. It's a journey with twists and turns, and every photo has a story. So, to my other creatives, photographers, friends, and family dealing with the ups and downs of inspiration – hang in there during the dull moments, enjoy the highs, and most importantly, have fun finding those cool shots! Inspiration might play hard to get, but the chase is where the real magic happens.